Problems updating peerguardian2 Skype sex chatting

Before I look at the free version, I'd like to outline the differences between the free and paid version so that you know what you do not get in the free version of Bot Revolt.The only information we have about the differences are on the pricing page.

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Thanks_________________When harmonious relationships dissolve Then respect and devotion arise; When a nation falls to chaos Then loyalty and patriotism are born. -Lao Tsemsalerno is right, pgl is the new and current version. I'd be happy to improve Gentoo support, please contact me in this thread, at or at [email protected]

It's a further developed combination of nfblock (based on moblock), blockcontrol and mobloquer. Wherever possible I'll add changes directly to the code (master branch of the git development repository at sourceforge), otherwise to a separate pgl_gentoo branch.

It is possible to select other blacklists which will then be updated at the first startup of the application.

Regular updates of the blacklists are configured automatically with the option to change the frequency in the settings.

Serious developers will get direct commit access there.

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