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No matter what you do your App Store shows a blank white screen–and it’s very frustrating!

But for others, the App Store was working fine until, without warning or apparent cause, the App Store or i Tunes Store just goes blank. So before you unnecessarily perform a bunch of troubleshooting steps, check Double-tap your Home button, find the App Store, and swipe up towards the top of the screen to close the app. When you double-tap the Home button and swipe up, We recently found a new trick that you can apply right now to have the App Store display its pages and applications.

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As I was making a list of what I want to see or even possibly purchase, all of the sudden all I see is a white blank screen. They experience an inability to access the App Store, meaning that when the buttons Purchased, Search, Categories, or Charts are tapped, users see blank pages.

Nothing loads when they want to use the App Store on an i Pad or i Phone.

We’ve updated the script to reflect Fitbit’s move to only accept HTTPS requests to access their API.

Make sure to update your own scripts if you’ve modified the one linked below in Step 4 (updated 10/15/14).

We’ve also included a new set of instructions if you’d like to use the new Google Spreadsheets.

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