Quiet dating ideas

I don't know what it is, but any time I am going to hang out with someone I don't know well, I'm terrified of running out of things to say and just sitting there awkwardly while the silence magnifies, and my horror paralyzes my brain. Not to mention the fact that it's super awkward with the raising and lowering arm rests and the "do we hold hands? Below I've listed ideas for places to take that introverted guy or girl you've been crushing on.

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You can also learn a lot about someone by the books they like to read!

" "Hit up an outdoor skating rink for some ice skating.

"A fun first date for me was at a coffee shop and then abookstore.

It's intimate enough without expecting too much of each other.

The hushed atmosphere of a planetarium combined with the dark room make for an ideal ambiance for a first date.

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