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The purpose of this document is not to replace the best resource avalaible for developing using Android Development Tools (Eclipse ADT), Android Developers: The Developer's Guide.Instead it's a) a review of a good, third-party tutorial showing how to develop an Android application using Eclipse, and b) an exhibition of doing that including solving problems with Eclipse, with figuring out Android resources and other things coming up. Therefore, the comments I make prompted by the steps in the tutorial are much out of date.

This wasn’t Visual Studio, instead VSTS but it got me down the right path.

(Android Asset Packaging Tool) that contains resource IDs for all the resources of res/ directory.

But, many things I say you will not hear said in one place out there and they are the fruit of working through Android issues as a beginner, consulting other web sites, asking questions in forums, etc.

You are welcome to these notes if you find them helpful.

the “R” in R.layout.main) then your problem could be one of the following: My problem, however, was none of these. It turns out that if you have any errors in your xml files (strings.xml, layouts, etc.), then your file will not be generated and you will not be told this is the reason.

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