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It was not just the highest scoring of the Hurricane squadrons during the Battle of Britain, but it had the highest ratio of enemy aircraft destroyed to their own lost (safest).

The squadron was named after the Polish and United States hero General Tadeusz Kościuszko, and the eponymous Polish 7th Air Escadrille founded by Merian C.

Sources said his vision was thought to have been affected by the sudden deterioration of an eye infection.

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A source said: “They think he had an infection in his eye and he just couldn’t see.

The other pilot flew behind him and talked him down. Flt Lt Durban is fine too, though I think he was pretty exhausted.” The RAF on Sunday confirmed the incident on January 28, but refused to comment on the condition of the stricken pilot.

airlines at Gatwick, with the former establishing itself as the dominant scheduled operator at the airport as well as providing a significant number of the airport's non-scheduled services and the latter becoming its leading provider of inclusive tour charter services.

Danger: This is the moment a Russian jet fell to earth after being shot down by Turkey before one of its pilots was apparently killed on the ground.

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