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Anywhere you get a mass of people communicating uncensored (and yes much like 4chan.org, China has not yet blocked Chatroulette) will be subject to typical groupthink behavior like urban myths and requests for interaction better left to the casual encounters section of Craigslist.

Nonetheless, the service’s potential for more substantial acts of communication is formidable.

Now, I needed to add desktop computer to the confusing equation. — something my parents warned me about over and over, “Never give out any information about us to the internet, Marina.” HA, isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? My mom turned the page and my eyes casually drifted over to the large computer sitting across from us.

Before I could ask my cousin what she was going to name her cyber-baby, she was scooped up and I was left alone with my thoughts. My mind was still racing when my parents tucked me into to bed that night. My parents converted their office into a baby room and converted my room into a bedroom-office when my brother was born.

The “Report video as inappropriate” button also seems to provide some comfort, but by judging by the nsfw fare served to me last night, doesn’t provide much of a threat.

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