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Mumbaigloss decided to spook you out my listing places in and around Mumbai that are ghoulish in nature.

A few have been testified by the Paranormal Society of India.

Once a local lady was trying to fill water from the well when the wall collapsed and the lady fell into the well. Since then her spirit roams around the premises but does not harm anyone. The entire neighborhood believes she still appears during Amavasya and vanishes in the morning.

The belief is said to be so strong that a person called Richard, who claims to be the landlord, carries out exorcisms of laying flowers on the well every day, to mollify the spirit. Mahim – Nasserwanj Wadi – Nasserwanj Wadi is very near to Mahim railway station and is believed to be haunted by the spirit of the murdered owner who was brutally burnt to death. The locals believe that people get possessed by the spirit and are tormented if anybody crosses path with the murdered owner of the property.

It will also help the travel enthusiasts who are always looking for haunted sites to visit.

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