Rules of dating a soccer player

A number of structural changes were made prior to this season, involving both on- and off-the field aspects of the league.

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The MLS Cup Playoffs expanded from eight teams to ten.

After keeping quiet for months, the Houston Texans defensive end officially confirmed that he and Ohai, who plays forward on the Houston Dash soccer team, are an item via — what else — social media. Watt, 27, and Ohai have been celebrating her 25th birthday with a beach vacation.

Got a weakness for that buff babe who treats girls like they're replaceable?

Can't resist his bad boy image and willing to take a chance?

The closest Watt had gotten to confirming that he and Ohai were an item before this momentous social media moment was an image he Snapchatted over the holidays, in which eagle-eyed onlookers noticed a pair of Christmas stockings with the letters 'J' and 'K' on them.

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