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‘Most sided with Michael, which left Danny feeling almost like an outcast.

There has been very little sympathy for him over how he has acted in this.’ Danny later split from his on-off girlfriend, Kirsty-Leigh Porter, a Hollyoaks actress who allegedly discovered the secret romance after finding messages from Isabel on Danny’s phone. ‘It’s well known she and Danny have had a rocky relationship, but she thought he’d learnt from his mistakes and things seemed to be going well.’ Michael and Isabel have given romance another shot, with Isabel posting pictures of Michael across her social media sites, however it is thought that Kirsty has ended it with Danny for good.

Ryan miller dating actress

‘The tension between them caused major problems on set, because Michael made it crystal clear he didn’t want to be around Danny,’ a source close to the show told The Sun On Sunday.

The pair share a dressing room for the ITV soap, and the source added that ‘the revelations caused arguments among the cast who split into two camps over who to support’.

What you may not have known was the actor reportedly outed Hobbit actors Lee Pace (the elf king Thranduil and Guardians of the Galaxy villain Ronan the Accuser), Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman), and an unnamed dwarf actor who is heavily theorized to be Richard Armitage (Thorin) during an interview with a German site.

Jack Griffo and Ryan Newman have broken up after three years as a couple, his rep confirms to Just Jared

“If it was exactly the same, I’d do it again.” A lot has changed since the wives agreed to the series, especially for actress Noureen De Wulf, who was carrying her first child with Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller during shooting. Puck love: 9 famous women who are dating hockey players Like any first-time parent, the star was excited and anxious as she awaited the birth of her son, and it's likely that fans will be able to watch the actress adjust to life as a new mom should Noureen return for season two. "Men like treats, dogs like treats, and I’m hoping babies like treats,” she says in this exclusive teaser clip, in which Noureen tries to get her adorably stubborn pup to do what she says.

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