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It was in one of those discussions when I first got introduced to our holy book (Al Quraan) knowing that the first word of Al Quraan is (iqraa= read). Yes this is actually how Islam began (regardless of how people perceive Islam nowadays).That alone set a strong belief in me that it all starts from reading … So naturally I started to read more and more each day looking for answers to the question that I first started my research with: why some people are happy and some are not.A good old fashioned, hand-written love letter is still one of the best Valentines around, but don’t just save it for February.

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I was at that point set off towards a more superior goal with finding and sharing Wisdom to make myself and others Happy.

DUBLIN ARABIC FILM FESTIVAL (DAFF) AT THE IRISH FILM INSTITUTE! Five films were featured in the festival in all, and I’m only sorry I couldn’t attend all five.

I watched I AM NOJOOM, AGE 10 AND DIVORCED on a Sunday lunchtime in a nearly-full theatre.

When the film ended, the appreciative audience burst into spontaneous applause.

I understood that there are two major feelings that shape our days and forms our lives (happiness and sadness).

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