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" in which we watch 'control central' during a successful seduction.

The "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask" title, which is, at its full length, with thirteen words, is the longest ever title for a Woody Allen feature film.

Resnick is currently being played by actress Connie Britton on the FX miniseries about the O. She admitted to having had a steamy night of lovemaking with her self-proclaimed BFF and the only unconditional love of her life.

And in the memoir she wrote following Nicole's murder, Resnick spared no intimate detail of their relationship.

See more » When the policeman comes to see about the transvestite's stolen purse, he says "I'll have to fill out a report, sir", while the transvestite was still in women's clothes. See more » While all the early Woody Allen films are funny and worthwhile, this is probably the most uneven to my taste.

Allen took the famous, serious non-fiction book about sex, and turned it into a series of short comedy pieces.

The three times divorced former manicurist who confesses to being in rehab twice over an eight-year period for cocaine addiction, wrote the intimate details of that seductive night in her best-selling 1994 book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted. But, as the book states the 'Tittie Fairy' didn't save their marriage, and two years later, in 1992, they divorced Once when Faye and Nicole were walking on the beach in Laguna just south of LA,, Nicole picked up a piece of driftwood and said, 'This is the size of Marcus Allen'.

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