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Open Seldom does life slow down long enough for us to cognitively recognize if we are living it openly – approaching it with our arms, our hearts and our souls open; unafraid to take chances; unafraid of success or of failure, and unafraid of the opinions and perceptions of others.

Seriously, who has time to think about that psycho-babble bullshit, anyway?

Failed relationships, heartache, trauma, and fear can leave us consistently bracing ourselves emotionally – shrinking away from meeting new people, goals and experiences much like our pupils shrink when we emerge from a dark movie theater into bright sunlight.

As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and even dating violence, my heart was closed down tighter than Fort Knox for a very long time.

These can be submitted either by email to the clerk of the council or via the Facebook Group (ask for an invite if you live in and/or have a business address in Barrowford).

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