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), clinical psychologist, blogger, and frequent Savage Love guest expert—has launched a new online video project. Ley is taking on sexual shaming and the damage it does. Essentially, it's interviews of people, talking about ways in which sexual shaming has affected them, and more importantly, how they overcame it.

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Whether we are talking about homosexuality, porn use, promiscuity or nonmonogamy, or what have you, it's the social shaming of these behaviors that causes people pain, and leads to depression, stress and life problems.

I've been fighting this for a long time, and made some progress, but realized I needed to start paying more attention to the positive, empowering elements here. What I've loved so far, is that I learn with every interview—there are types of sexual shaming I never expected, and there are beautiful, creative and empowering ways people have beaten sexual shame, and taken control of their lives and sexuality.

Named “Old School”, the campaign aims to tackle the rising problem of STIs in nursing and retirement homes.

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