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The digital era has changed how we seek and receive love. However, the digital revolution is presenting huge risks in our love lives – usually without our knowledge or consent.

Are you aware of all of the risks and implications of digital love?

States with the most singles prefer online dating, but states with the smallest dating pool fill their time with something entirely different and oddly comforting—read on to learn what keeps our most lonely singles busy on a Friday night!

Can you believe Mississippi is still crazy about Silentó’s 2015 hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”? Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina love keeping up with the latest celebrity news. Even though they’re not avid TV watchers, it seems the residents of our least densely populated state need a way to feel connected to the outside world, and the overly complicated lives of celebrities are just the way to do it.

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