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Roy Horn grew up in Nordenham, Germany where he developed his love for animals.

After being rescued from quicksand by his half-dog, half-wolf pet named Hexe, Roy joined the team of pet trainers at Bremen Zoo.

They have sued Roy in Nevada court for the alleged sexual assaults.

The caretakers also tell us they went to the cops recently to file a crime report but were told the 1-year criminal statute of limitations had run out.

The compound is known as Little Bavaria, but referring to this sprawling estate as “little” seems farcical.

This is a staggering hideaway of connected mansions, with fields as vast as a dozen soccer pitches, an aquatic park that rivals the Bellagio fountains, and miles of interlocking walkways that encircle and cut through the property.

On April 23, 2010, Siegfried & Roy retired from show business.

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