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1980 - ,238.59 operating, 8 motor vehicle accidents, 3 chimney fires, 3 illegal burnings, 2 structural fires, 2 dump fires, 1 grass fire, 1 brush fire, 1 flooded oil burner, 1 tree on wires, 2 search parties, 4 mutual aid calls; The most serious fire was at the brick house on Dodwells Road owned by Catherine Simpson.

1981 - ,563.87 operating, 6 grass and brush fires, 4 accidents and crash downs, 3 chimney fires, 2 structure fires, 2 vehicle fires, 1 fire out on arrival, 1 broken water pipe, 3 mutual aid calls Worthington 2, Chesterfield 1, Plainfield 1; The most serious fire was the old horse barn at the Fairgrounds.

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The quarterbacks that have been on the Texans roster have gone elsewhere to continue to play.

So much so that they have the second most former quarterbacks on current NFL Rosters.

5 mutual aid calls In our last report we stated that a new law Chapter 111C of the Massachusetts general Laws would become effective as of January 1974 whereby we would be required to have trained Medical Technicians in order to legally run an ambulance service 1976 - $3,047.34 operating, 4 chimney fires, 2 brush fires, 3 auto fires, 2 accidents flush gas off road, 2 dump fires, 1 Plainfield house fire, 2 Windsor brush fires, The Cummington Fire Association 1977 - $3,565.70 operating, 1 house fire at Remington Lodge, 1 cabin fire, 2 chimney fires, 4 brush fires, 2 dump fires, 2 accidents, flush gas from road, 2 car and truck fires, 4 generator calls, 1 Mutual Aid call to Cusson Fire in Plainfield.

1978 - $4,421.37 operating, 7 chimney fires, 4 vehicular accidents, 3 house fires, 2 grass fires, 1 car fire, 1 fallen electrical wires, 1 mutual aid to Plainfield; John P. With our various committees that care for supplies, vehicle maintenance, record keeping, and training all doing a very fine job the State of Massachusetts finally felt we had produced a plan of correction for the deficiencies within our service sufficient to warrant licensing us as a Class 1 ambulance service.

Our 3-hour-long zip line canopy tour leads adventurers on an aerial trek through the woods by means of 11 zip lines, 2 sky bridges and 3 rappels suspended in the trees in the northern Berkshires and connected through platforms that sit high above the forest floor.

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