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Rafael Mendívil Peydro, the Spanish Ambassador to Ankara confirmed the couple were arrested in the Turkish city of Samsun for lack of documentation. They had to contact us because they do not have a passport.’ They Spanish Embassy in Turkey confirmed the couple will be deported back to London, where they both live.

The two women went missing after Ismail’s father allegedly tricked them into flying to Dubai by telling them Ismail’s mother was on her deathbed.

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The men pay for the flights, hotels, and give her cash for dresses, shoes and bags so she can look good on yachts and at fancy parties.

Natalie swears she’s not a “gold digger,” and is instead calls herself a luxury traveler.

Renowned around the world for its exquisite art, history and architecture, Istanbul remains a shining jewel for Turkey. ISTANBUL domain extension is perfect for tourist agencies, hotels, restaurant and local business looking to get the attention of future and current tourist in the area.

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