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Diane Alexander and Janet Currie find that in New Jersey zip code areas with predominantly black residents all low birth weight children, regardless of race, have a higher incidence of asthma, indicating the importance of residential segregation and neighborhoods in explaining racial health disparities.

The asset management industry used to be dominated by small firms primarily offering active portfolio management services; today the industry is significantly more concentrated and the leading products are index-based, passive investment vehicles.

In 22 percent of emergency room episodes, patients were treated at in-network hospitals, but were treated by out-of-network physicians, allowing the physicians to significantly increase their rates.

Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton, and Nathan Shekita find that a New York State law that introduced binding arbitration between physicians and insurers in such cases reduced out-of-network billing rates.

Online shopping has become a multibillion-dollar revenue stream--not to mention it has completely turned the path to purchase on its head.

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