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This is Sweden.”In 1999, Sweden became the first country to criminalise the purchase of sex while leaving the selling of it legal, establishing a model which has been adopted by Norway, Iceland, and, more recently, Canada and Northern Ireland.

As a result, Cora and her friend Paula can expect few repercussions.“For us, there’s only one problem, because we lose the apartment and we need to find a new one,” she says.

We are mainly a chat and English, English is an international language and our users from all over the world, both members and guests, and encourage cultural exchanges is expected to be a positive experience for all.

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“It's about having better relationships.” As in many developed countries, Sweden's fertility rate has been gradually falling for the past several decades.

In 1960, according to World Bank data, Swedish women had an average of 2.2 children – a rate scholars call “replacement fertility” as it tends to keep the population steady.

But by 2014 the rate had fallen to 1.9 children per woman.

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