auction dating online - The attitudes towards dating violence scales development and initial validation

The goal of the team was to identify and facilitate the implementation of effective strategies to prevent psychological, physical and sexual violence in adolescents’ dating relationships.

We published an article describing the development and validation of the English version of the Attitudes Towards Dating Violence Scales in the .

Copies of the items contained in the scales, in both French and English can be found in the following report: Publication Series of the Muriel Mc Queen Fergusson Centre.

Singly or in combination, the Attitudes Towards Dating Violence Scales can be used to increase our understanding of the development and maintenance of violence-supportive attitudes in adolescents of all ages.

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Conclusions: The female adolescents showed lower energy and nutrient intakes as the ED became more severe, which led to energy, vitamin and mineral deficiencies in a high percentage of females with ED. Improvement in teacher-rated anxiety significantly (p=0.001) mediated the effect of risperidone augmentation on the primary outcome, the Disruptive-total of the parent-rated Nisonger Child Behavior Rating Form.

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