Updating asus bios wothout floppy

For more suggestions about 3Dmark, please refer to 3Dmark FAQ: Question (Q&A-110|362): There still have two unknown devices "IKBMON_01" and "IMSMON_01" in device manager on H61 series motherboards, after install all drivers from support CD, what driver should I install for them?

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If you can MODIFY the BIOS to boot from USB, CD or DVD. Even "locking" the BIOS is no longer safe as "Flash" programs can 'reprogram' most any BIOS.

Shorts or restes can 'fry' and many sites offer replacements/swaps. File systems are the way data is encoded on the hard drive.

See your particular BIOS vendor's web site for these files and for more information on the commands you will to need to use to begin the flashing process.

In other words, read what your BIOS vendor has to say about flashing. Flashing your BIOS is a potentially dangerous activity that can render your motherboard (and computer, for that matter) inoperable.

BIOS determines whether the motherboard is set for normal operation or a continuous loop of POST.

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