Updating flex builder sdk

Artists may produce Flash graphics and animations using Adobe Animate.Software developers may produce applications and video games using Adobe Flash Builder, Flash Develop, Flash Catalyst, or any text editor when used with the Apache Flex SDK.

Let me start by saying that today's announcement was not about AIR, and instead focuses entirely on Flash Player and the browser plugin environment.

Adobe remains committed to AIR and we believe it continues to be a great desktop and mobile development platform. We hope to have our official Flash Runtime roadmap updated soon, but until then I wanted to share some of the features we'd like to accomplish in our upcoming releases.

I wonder, if there is a new Flex SDK available for download, where some fixes might have been integrated since the Flash Builder 4.6 release several months ago.

So I have downloaded the "Flex SDK version is the latest production quality release" and installed it: However this seems to be a version, which differs very little from the stock Flex SDK included with Flash Builder 4.6 originally. fresh, but also tested/stable) source for Flex SDK, which would be suitable for Flash Builder 4.6?

As always, this list may change as we receive feedback from the community.

Last modified 20-Jan-2020 12:41