Updating instances the dating math problem

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A managed instance group contains one or more virtual machine instances that are controlled using an instance template.

To update instances in a managed instance group, you can make update requests to the group as a whole, using the Managed Instance Group Updater feature.

You can NOT update a shape in a stencil and have all drawings that used that shape update to the new version. Matt, I think I may have found a solution for this. I had the same issue but found that if I opened the 'Document Stencil' (instead of the masters stencil) and made changes to the masters in there it would update across the document when you clicked yes on the dialog.

In the interim, Paul Herber has a shape substitute utility. I don't know if it will change on all pages since I only had one page at the time however I cannot think of any reason why it shouldn't. When a shape is copied from a stencil to a drawing, a copy of the shape is placed in the local stencil.

So if you’re sure that a storage volume is no longer required, then back up the data elsewhere, and then delete the storage volume.

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