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The Play Station Portable became the most powerful portable system when launched, just after the Nintendo DS in 2004.It was the first real competitor to Nintendo's handheld domination, where many challengers, such as SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia's N-Gage, failed.PSP Pandora Deluxe features: * Formats your PSP Memory Stick with or without MSPFormat. * Allows you to select which buttons to use to boot your PSP. o Alternative VSHMenu 6.1 o Auto Start PRX 5 o Config Cleaner 3.00 o CPU-Modulator 0.20 o CW Cheat 0.2.2 Rev D o CXMB 3.2.1 o Fu Sa screen Shoot o Fu Sa SD 1.0.47 o Hold 2.71 o Joy Sens 1.42b o Key Cleaner 1.4 o Memory Stick-Tool v1.5 o nand Tool 0.40 Final NEO o Net Conf Backup o PSP Filer 5.6 o Recovery Flasher 1.32 by Hellcat o RSPSARDumper 3.5 o UMDumper 3.0D o USB Version Fake by Dark_Alex Here is the download link

N'oubliez pas de faire une sauvegarde des fichiers importants, avant (sauvegardes de jeux, musiques, photos etc..).

Petite astuce a savoir : Bonjour voilà, j'ai une psp 1000 avec laquelle je pouvais jouer à des jeux de super nes. Cordialement Guizdu39Bonjour, Je possède une PSP avec les caractéristiques suivantes : Type de psp 1000 (Psp1004)Firmware installé sur votre PSP : 1.50Data code : 5DMa situation est la suivante.

kinda like HOME but would beable to do what we want while on the PS3 Phone. “Screen Shot Ability for when ever we want, playing music, videos, internet, games, anytime anywhere please.” ——————————————- PSP – And to add…. ——————————————- PSP – Add some more Divx Support for us also!

I agree you would hope their would be some small bit of functionality apart from just a security patch.

Maybe a fix or fixes and some form of additonal functionality. Eric just wanted to let you know that we as psp/ps3 owners are still highly hoping for IN-GAME MUSIC…

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