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For the Pioneers, you now get transparent support for both Asterisk® 1.8 with PIAF-Purple and Asterisk 10 with PIAF-Red. and Canada has been completely reworked to provide a simple Free PBX GUI menu that lets you set up one or many Google Voice connections in less than 10 seconds per line.Just download the PIAF ISO and pick your favorite flavor. We've also added Andrew Nagy's terrific End Point Manager that lets you configure dozens of SIP phones with the click of a button.NET Core with IIS on Nano Server for specific instructions.

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News Flash: Incredible PBX 4.0 is now available with Free PBX 2.10 support!

We're pleased to introduce the latest and greatest Incredible PBX with an incomparable Vo IP feature set.

Proceed through the Confirmation step to install the web server role and services.

A server/IIS restart is not required after installing the Web Server (IIS) role.

And this new release supports both Free PBX® 2.8 and 2.9. You'll also find Kennonsoft's terrific new with the latest Cent OS 5.x, Asterisk 1.8 or 10, Free PBX 2.8 or 2.9, and Apache, Send Mail, My SQL, PHP, php My Admin, IPtables Linux firewall, Fail2Ban, and Web Min.

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