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It’s basically fan fiction dream casting as reality, how could I not watch.

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It’s a different cast this time filled to the brim with award winning Taiwan acting talent, with Ariel Lin as the titular office girl Lala trying to balance work and love, Vic Zhou as her long time boyfriend who is on the verge of proposing, Bolin Chen as the new man making a play for Lala’s heart, and now a fourth name floats to the surface as Michelle Chen makes it a love square as she tries to lure Vic away from Ariel.

I find the casting so meta taking into account the previous onscreen couplings of the four leads. While this is the first time Ariel and Zai Zai are working oncreen together, to have their interlopers played by former costars will make it even harder to choose.

The picture has been developed at Chinese production house New Classics Media.

The romantic drama movie is based on a well-known novel that covers the different stages of the life of modern woman Du Lala and her career adventures.

Meanwhile Du’s assistant is busily chasing Du’s suitor. “Go Lala Go 2” will be released in China, Singapore, North America, Australia and New Zealand on Dec. The investment move is FIC’s first feature movie collaboration with China’s New Classics Media, having previously worked together on TV series “Tiger Mom” but bith companies said they were loking to do more together.

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