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And I want the best for him." For more on Gunvalson's new love, who she's called her "incredible man," check out the video below.

Vicki realized that Brooks might have been lying about some things in their relationship, including him suffering from cancer again.

#movingon A photo posted by Vicki Gunvalson (@vickigunvalson) on , don’t expect to see him onscreen.

"Whatever happened, it happened between us and I wish a lot of it was private.

Rather, the use of the middle name ‘Chavez’ appears to have been adopted recently for political purposes.” Ward asked for the selected name to be struck from the ballots, as a background check revealed his name is “Steven Albert Lodge.” “Accordingly, Lodge’s proposed use of the name ‘Steve Chavez Lodge’ on the ballot is false and misleading,” read the documents.

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