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Ask Bloom County's Bill the Cat, as seen in User Friendly, the excellent geek-positive comic. There's a mailing list: [email protected] ([email protected] to subscribe, archived here).

You can also use this fun Bill-based thttpd badge on your own web site if you like. And an announcements-only mailing list: [email protected] ([email protected] to subscribe).

These are configured by the system administration, using $ ./fork This is the parent process (PID: a). (10 seconds...) Child process exiting (PID: b ; PPID: 1)! If you are familiar enough with UNIX/Linux, this will probably seem logical to you. when you open a terminal, a shell (terminal’s child), and execute a process in it (shell’s child)… However, back in the days, terminals were much more… They were connected thanks to a serial line and a modem, which could hang up at any time, putting an end to our user session. the default handler for a Now, if your run this in your terminal and close it, you’ll see your process attached to init, and still running (at least, for…

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