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"There were a couple nights where we shot the reception, and it was 3 a.m., it was raining, it was cold, it was miserable. I was sitting there [thinking], 'I can't complain.' Ashley is sitting there in this little dress and I'm going to look like a wuss.

It's one thing when you're a guy and you're in a three-piece suit and you're like, 'It's a little cold outside,' and then the girls in their dresses and their arms are exposed, their legs are exposed, they're all freezing. 'Oh, it's chilly out here, I better button up my blazer,' " he joked.

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Our game theater has stadium seating and includes a spacious Action Station with lots of room for dancing and sports games. Your On Sight Entertainment Game Coach and staff will make sure your guests enjoy an experience of a lifetime. During the late 80s and early 90s he appeared on over 50 magazine covers and earned both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, hosted Saturday Night Live, and appeared on Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show.

Of the 67 counties in Alabama, 25 are partially dry or "moist" (these counties contain cities that have voted to allow alcohol sales), and 42 are completely wet.

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