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Somewhat ironically, the Hermione Granger actress literally disrobes for an explicit sex scene featuring co-star Ethan Hawke and a bunch of creepy guys in red hoods.

Although Watson promised in the past that the film’s director would handle the sex scene “tastefully,” audiences will still receive an eyeful since the camera lingers on a topless Watson for a good several seconds. The leaked video has been making the rounds on file sharing sites, but so far the actress has yet to comment upon the final version of the sex scene.

“Under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t really go there.

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Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (París, 15 de abril de 1990) es una actriz, modelo y filántropa británica, conocida por interpretar a Hermione Granger en la serie de películas de Harry Potter.

Watson fue elegida para interpretar a Hermione a la edad de nueve años, después de haber participado anteriormente solo en obras de teatro escolares.​ Watson hizo su primera aparición fuera de Harry Potter en el telefilm Ballet Shoes transmitido por la BBC One el 26 de diciembre de 2007 y obtuvo una audiencia de 5,2 millones.

A video of the specific scene which features Emma Watson naked was apparently leaked onto the internet ahead of the U. Back in October of 2015, Watson told sex scene if director Alejandro Amenabar was not in charge.

“I never would have done a movie like this without knowing I was doing it with a director who was incredibly tasteful, which is Alejandro,” she said.

The video clip does not give any context for what’s happening, but he’s staring agape at the ceiling as men in red robes shine lights and cameras down on him.

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