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This is madness It seemed to happen so sudden it really messed me up Like a flipped coin I just wished that I had a heads up Feeling robbed, I sobbed till no more tears came out me She was my breath so when she left naturally it knocked the wind up out me I'd sit and hypothesize all the reasons why And couldn't shake an overwhelming need to apologize Wake up in a panic and reach for your side of the bed Hoping to talk, but realizing you are no longer there Ignoring Skype and my calls Shock to my system cause in 4 years you had never done that at all They say there's 7 stages of grief, but I swear that there's more Cause I'm stuck somewhere between 2, 3 and 4 It's distorted, but the connections still Both of us tweeting at the same time about nightmares I never thought we'd fall It's a strange feeling to envy another couple that looks like they both got it all Think the grass is greener?

You should've watered your lawn I'm sorry, I know, I should've worked harder on Iman Never checked out on you I'm stuck wondering where these incidentals came from Cause this list is a strange one A bad dream?

That frustration has mellowed considerably over the years. Oh, and I’m doing Patreon] Gentlemen, if you find an awful online dating profile written by a woman, post a link to it via a reply, below.

Warning – all the comments are incredibly slow to load because there are so many! There are plenty of blogs where those profiles are revealed and reviled by women.

Crosson impersonated Obama at the 66th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner on March 17, 2010.

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