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and dont call me cause i wont answer, tell me what you would say to him if you called him adn i will give you his nmber and if you dont beleive its me then thats your problem.

Love ya, NO HATERZ If you want to talk to christian, put your phone number on twitter and he WILL call you but not in the same day.

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Caitlin Beadles is a former girlfriend of Justin Bieber. Caitlin met Justin at church when he moved to Atlanta.

They dated for around a year until she broke up with him in 2009 because his career was taking off and she didn't want to be in the spotlight.

Justin talked openly about Caitlin in interviews, and a few of the songs he wrote in his first album and some in his second were about Caitlin including "Never Let You Go".

Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber has been featured in thirty-three music videos, has made cameo appearances in two films and has appeared in several television series.

all of yall are stockers leave the poor guy alone and none of those numbers are right becausei have his acuall number and im not an idiot so if you have his number be smart and dont put on the internet because if you do u dont like or love justin cause by doing that you can reuion his life by attrcting stokers! Chaz gave it out on facebook its 1(781-733-5223) it was really him.

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