Who is dazz dillinger dating

What’s more, it’s pressed and distributed by Daz himself, through his very own Dogg Pound Records.Dillinger recently spoke to Hip Hop DX about his newest effort, his working relationship with Tupac and the current state of West Coast Hip Hop.It sounds like someone has put the battery in Daz’s back production wise, because he’s promising some heat on the new project.

Dre on the breakthrough west coast album, The Chronic; during its recording, he met and grew close to Kurupt, with whom he would soon work professionally.

The two formed Tha Dogg Pound for Doggystyle, the debut album of his cousin, up-and-coming star Snoop Dogg.

“We got a cast and we have the full project in motion it’s just that right now I’m fighting a war with e One and Sony BMG,” he said.

The former Death Row rapper told the outlet that a publishing dispute is threatening the film.

He recently gave an update on the project and revealed that he is facing a publishing dispute over music.

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