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With the notable exception of his mother’s death, his early life was solidly uneventful.

His father — the chief accountant for BP — plainly found it hard to cope alone with Izzard and his older brother Mark and packed them off to boarding school.

A few years ago he was being interviewed for a documentary when he blurted out something that must have been in his subconscious for a long time. then maybe she will come back.’Izzard has gone on to become possibly the world’s most famous ‘straight transgender person’ as he refers to himself.

Referring to his career as a comedian he said, ‘I know why I’m doing this. He claims that he started wearing women’s clothes while his mother was still alive, so that anyone who suggests that his transvestism might have been triggered by her death is talking rubbish.

There, horrified by the thought of revealing his vulnerability, Izzard taught himself not to cry and in the process became, as he admits, ‘dead inside’.

When Izzard was 13 he gained a step-mother — in aptly bizarre circumstances.

I went back to my old school once wearing heels and a skirt - it's not done really, but I was trying to work the casual look.

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