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I find it strange when people police other peoples(generally womens) expressions of sexuality, under the guise of gender equality. I was conflicted about posting it but 1) Kyra was clearly ok with posing for it and associating it with BJJ and 2) Dat ass. They bring out really fucking disgusting comments that most men I know would not say on the mats, in front of me, or their training partners, their female friends, or their sisters.

If you don’t realize sex is a part of almost everything… The downvoters are basically telling Kyra Gracie they know better than she does what is or isn’t appropriate to publish as relates to bjj. These comments make me feel like dudes are brofisting in front of my face and I should simply not be there.

The moment a woman starts doing BJJ, it seems as though Kyra is the first woman she is made aware of. I am absolutely no prude, and I’ve secretly done my fair share of objectifying men (though I do that one on one rather than on a forum), but there is a huge difference between a photo where a woman is showing skin and where she’s being sexual. These get posted EVERY FUCKING TIME A “Top 5 hottest BJJ chicks” thread exists on the Internet. Here it is: The photo itself doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

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