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After sharing her personal life and quest to find happily ever after on two reality shows, she acknowledges that there are some ill-favored misconceptions about who she is based on 60 and 30-minute episodes of television. Here’s what we learned: Madame Noire: What made you initially decide to do reality TV, specifically, to find love?

So I talked to her today in the hopes of clearing things up. Monet Bell: Actually, I didn’t know that it was a reality show at first. Because if she ugly she can’t come home [laughs].” So that wasn’t it. But when the episode came out, my aunt, my father’s sister, called me.

And then you have an amount of time to figure out whether or not you want to do it or not. I’m from Cleveland, and all my family is in Cleveland. So if I’m going to bring a man home, it’s got to be something serious for me to make you come back to Cleveland with me. Because on , there was a lot of talk about your sex life with Vaughn and some very intimate issues and things. Bell: What’s very interesting about my family is that there are no boundaries from a sex perspective. So those are the tidbits I get nervous with, and then I’m compelled to make sure that I clarify it with my family so that they know what I mean by it. You didn’t really get to see the true essence of my personality. The biggest takeaway I got from is that I no longer do that. MN: What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

And at that particular time, I was ready to get married. MN: Did you and do you still feel pressure from your family about getting married and having kids? Bell: I see a lot of comments, and, for the most part, I avoid reading comments.

In the second season, she admits to having sex with Fabolous while Emily was pregnant with his child, igniting a violent altercation with Emily's friend Chrissy.

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