Women make decision dating

They stem from traditional gender roles and stereotypes, the lack of support for women and men to balance care responsibilities with work and the prevalent political and corporate cultures, to name just a few.

, the European Commission called for credible self-regulation by companies to ensure better gender balance in companies’ supervisory boards.

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Last summer, quite early on in our relationship, my partner asked me what colour of shirt and tie he should wear to a wedding.

I gave him a look intended to convey: 'I'm your partner, not your mother.' Needless to say, he wasn't able to mind-read or to pick up on my twisted facial expressions and he asked again. ' (I know, it's an example of appallingly passive-aggressive and indirect communication.) 'Exactly,' I said.

But why should women bear the burden of decision-making in a relationship?

Why is there an expectation that the woman will make the majority of the choices - from the minor and flippant, such as what to wear, to the more major, such as where to live?

One year later, the Progress report on women in economic decision-making in the EU made it clear that progress was not visible and a public consultation confirmed that further action was needed.

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