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Free Teleconference Celebrates National Singles Week: September 20-24th.

12 top dating experts and authors including Lori Gottlieb, Dawn Maslar and Dr.

In it, Ronnie provides the dating tips and strategies that lead her and over 1,000 others to jumpstart or accelerate their search for love.

(.) She has been interviewed by Sally Jesse Raphael, appeared on NBC News, Fox News, and ABC’s Chronicle in Boston, MSN.com, and many other features in newspaper, magazine and web articles in the US and internationally. Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Certified Coach, marketing consultant, and writer.

They enjoy each other for a few months and before you know it, Rich strikes out to find a new love, leaving Sheena mourning his loss yet again. These on again/off again relationships can be incredibly hurtful. When Rich is suffering from some other breakup, he knows Sheena will take him back and help him get on his feet emotionally.

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